Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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The Age of Technology From the time you are born until the day you die one thing will remain constant and that is the progress of technology. Everyday there is something new brought into our world. Whether it be a revision of an old technology or just a new discovery, it doesn ¹t matter, there is always progress. Today we live in a culture where technology has effected everything. Technology has come in to play a role in religion, science, and even the imitation of humankind. Today it is hard to find one thing that technology does not play a role in. With technology there is always progress and until the end of time it will always be in motion. Recently, I have had to do some research concerning the progress of technology and it ¹s effects on humankind throughout history. Throughout my research one thing became obvious to me and that is technology, in a short period of time, has progressed drastically. Whether you agree with the bible that Cain was the first inventor(Genesis 4) or simply believe in the mythological character Thamus, it doesn ¹t matter. Somehow and somewhere technology began and since then it has never stopped growing. To research this topic I went to a cultural critic who is an expert in analyzing technology ¹s effect on culture. In the technological world Neil Postman is a well regarded as a cultural critic for his opinion and for his view of technology today. He is also known for other books such as, The Disappearance of Childhood, and Crazy Talk, Stupid Talk. The book that I concentrated on was a book entitled Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology. In this book Neil Postman reasons tha t ultimately the technological world will render us more harm, than benefit. Also, he goes on at length abou... ...ngulfed him with technology and now lives in a technopoly. Postman went on to show that today for every old world belief there is a technological answer. Man, no longer needs to depend on his culture, rather he could depend on technology. For prayer, he would take penicillin. For reading, just switch on the television and for sin all you need is psychotherapy. You can see clearly that man has left their God entirely. He went from total dependency to total independence, just as Cain did. I believe that throughout the whole book of Technopoly, Mr. Postman ¹s stressed one thing the most and that is that man has left God, has replaced God, and realizes that unless something is done to bring man back, he has surrendered his life to technology. BIBLIOGRAPHY TECHNOPOLY: THE SURRENDER OF CULTURE TO TECHNOLOGY. Neil Postman. Random House Inc. NEW YORK. C1992

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