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Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing - 704 Words

Animal testing has been a around since 384 BC. â€Å"Some testing methods require the animal to; die, be exposed to radiation, remove or expose organs, or subject animals to trauma to create depression and/or anxiety.† (â€Å"THE LEADING SOURCE FOR PROS CONS OF CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES†) Animal tests and human results only coordinate about 5- 25% of the time. Not only is it inhumane, but it isnt even all that reliable. Not to mention, it`s an insufficient waste of government money. Yes it has helped us in vaccine breakthroughs, but there are more easy, less expensive, and more reliable resources. This is an argumentative piece, and I am arguing that animal testing should be stopped. My reasoning is that animals are not ours to be experimenting on.†¦show more content†¦There are many pros and cons on this topic, more cons in my opinion. A survey has been made on what others think about this. With the responses I would say most agree with me, - not all- agree: ~ its somewhat ethical but rues need to be enforced ~It is terrible ~Its not good and very inhumane ~ Its disgusting There are some upsides to the argument however. There is the fact that it has contributed to so many life saving cures. â€Å"In the late 1940s, polio crippled and killed thousands of people around the world every year. After a vaccine was developed in the late 1950s and early 1960s, polio was brought under control and practically eliminated.†(â€Å"Benefits of Animal Research - aalas†) Plus, in some cases Animal researching 5 Hair and beauty products are only tested on animals to see if they are safe. Research has produced A lot of achievements for mankind PROS: CONS: ____________________________________ _____________________________________ ~†Has contributed to many life saving cures. | ~†Animal testing is cruel ~In rare cases the animals have benefited from | ~Alternative testing methods now exist, such tests | as the vitro chips as stated above ~ They make betterShow MoreRelatedPersuasive essay against animal testing764 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Persuasive Essay against Animal Testing Abraham Lincoln once said, â€Å"I am in favour of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.†Ã‚  I couldn’t agree more with this statement as I do not believe that animal testing is right and I am totally against it. One of the main reasons I am against animal testing is the fact that the animals don’t have a choice and are being forced to be tested, which can lead to them getting seriously ill or dying as a cause of theRead MorePersuasive Essay On Animal Testing748 Words   |  3 PagesAnimal Testing, what is it? On the definition for animal testing is, â€Å"noun; The use of non-human animals in research and development projects, esp. for purposes of determining the safety of substances such as foods or drugs† So what does that tell us? That Animal testing is okay, and a good thing for scientific research, right? Well in some cases, using lab rats is for a good cause, to test things out and see what’s cures what, but companies such as Loreal, L’Orà ©al, Maybelline, WindexRead MoreAnimal Testing Persuasive Essay1402 Words   |  6 Pagesangers me more, than people working in companies, factories, laboratories, and even in the comfort of their home to use innocent animals to test human products. They continue to test out these products on animals, even after it has been proven that in almost all cases, animal testing has no benefit on us as buyers or consumers. I have found that laboratories are using many animals that are considered as pets to families, such as mice and rats, rabbits, and even guinea pigs. They are forcefully using themRead MorePersuasive Essay On Animal Testing1080 Words   |  5 Pageshappens to the thousands of animals that aren’t in the rescue centers? Do you ever wonder what happens to those animals bought and never to be seen again? Two words, Animal Testing. This awful way of testing hundreds of companies products on these poor, innocent animals. Half to almost all of those animals get killed by these confused researchers looking for a way to make a profit. We need to find an alternative for these cruel researchers. We need to free those animals, they deserve to have a normalRead MoreAnimal Testi ng Persuasive Essay706 Words   |  3 PagesThroughout history,  animal experimentation  has played an important role in leading to new discoveries and human benefits. However, what many people tend to forget are the millions of animals that are tortured or killed during the process of these painful, deadly experiments. Many people seem to misunderstand animal nature and the laboratory procedures and techniques that are executed on the animals. The procedures are cruel, unreliable, and harmful. Luckily there are more humane alternatives thatRead MorePersuasive Essay On Animal Testing1155 Words   |  5 PagesAnimal Testing Animal experiments happen all over the world, but are they necessary? Animals are tested for medical research as well as for cosmetics. Some say that these experiments are not painful, so they are justified. Where others believe that all these experiments are inhumane and nothing can justify torturing and killing innocent animals. Although many believe that animal testing is the best way to improve human health by finding new treatments and tests for the safety of the productsRead MorePersuasive Essay On Animal Testing962 Words   |  4 PagesFor many years, animal testing has been very widely accepted in the world for the purpose of testing products such as makeup, new medicine and medical procedures, as well as determining whether or not some foods are safe for human consumption. It’s a growing problem in the world that has led to the suffering of animals for thousands of years in order to benefit humans. In order to fix this, these tests need more strict regulations to be implemented in order to save animal lives and find lessRead MorePersuasive Essay On Animal Testing802 Words   |  4 PagesEvery year over 26 million Animals are used for scientific and commercial testing. They use these animals to develop medical treatments and to determine the safety for human use. Animals are put through intense torture, pain and death just to see if the product is safe for humans. Even pregnant animals get tested on and most of the time the baby animals die in the stomach. Testing on these innocent animals is cruel and inhuman. There is really not a similarity on animals and humans, half of the productsRead MoreAnimal Testing Persuasive Essay1694 Words   |  7 Pages About 19,500,000 animals in total are killed in scientific research every year. This means that about twenty percent of the animals tested on each year die, which may not seem like a large percentage; however, if it is taken into account that this happens to the same species in an endless cy cle, the numbers can begin to build. Although, through this process of testing, many lifesaving medicines have been created for all types of animals including humans. So, the issue the world is experiencing rightRead MorePersuasive Essay On Animal Testing1521 Words   |  7 Pagesmillion animals are killed each year in the name of animal testing. Now as some might say that sacrifice is needed for the common good, it is safe to say that animal testing may be taking it over the top to get such test results for the common good. Animal testing has been a common practice for many years to get results and side effects for food, drugs, pesticides, beauty products, and just about everything one uses in an average day. But now, in the modern world where ethics and animals rights

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